Pre-Submission Peer Review

You don’t have to wait months for feedback on your work. Enago offers professional peer review of manuscripts within 7 days. Journal manuscript reviewers with specialized knowledge in your field of study will review your paper section by section to pinpoint areas for improvement and provide suggestions. Our team of peer reviewers have experience reviewing manuscripts for reputed international English journals such as Nature, Science, Cell, Cell Biology, The Lancet, PNAS, etc.

The More, The Better?

Why choose multiple peer reviewers?

  • Get diverse perspectives
  • Diminish individual bias
  • Get your review in the same amount of time
  • It’s a common practice followed by most journals
  • Multiple perspectives can provide you with different insights. Our Peer Review service allows you the option to select up to 3 peer reviewers for your paper.

Make Your Research Stand Out

Our experts will perform an extensive manuscript peer review. They will investigate every research element of your paper, such as soundness of study design, reporting of method, significance to field, ethical soundness, and sufficiency of data analysis. They will also provide a detailed check of journal compatibility to minimize chances of rejection. Our team’s feedback will be presented in a clearly segregated and detailed technical report that reviews paper quality in terms of clarity of presentation, organization and structure, evidence supports conclusion, adequacy of literature review, etc.

Advantages Of The Peer Review Service

  • Language of the paper
  • Significance of results
  • Publication readiness in its current state and changes required
  • Manuscript length vis-à-vis the suggested journals
  • Whether all the findings are appropriately stated and backed by substantial evidence
  • Novelty of research

What Do You Get?

Enago will deliver Journal Selection Report that:

Lists 3-5 carefully selected journals with more than 10 parameters for each publication so that you can choose the best journal for publication.

Provides specific comments of the journal expert which can help improve the quality of your manuscript and/or expedite publication.

Turnaround Time Price Number of Reviewers
7 business days $320 1 Reviewer
7 business days $630 2 Reviewer
7 business days $940 3 Reviewer