Citation Booster

Maximize your chances of publication by letting Enago match you with the most appropriate journals for your particular research and requirements. Our team of experts holds extensive experience in peer reviewing and editing for international journals in your field of study. Simply send us your criteria, and we will present you with the top 3-5 journals best suited to your manuscript and preferences. What’s more: By using Enago’s Journal Selection Service, you will get vital feedback for your manuscript, including suggestions on how to improve your paper.

Enago’s comprehensive content writing package developed with the sole aim of helping you achieve the recognition your work deserves.

Citation Booster combines three services: Simplified Abstracts, Scientific News Report, and Tweetable Abstracts. Our content experts turn your published research into a variety of high-quality, accessible formats suitable for digital channels, including social media, web portals, and online news platforms, keeping your original research in mind at all times.

scientific news report

Scientific News involves the transformation of your manuscript into a media-ready press release to boost your chances of coverage and manuscript citations.

scientific news report

Upon publication of your research, the next pivotal step involves spreading the word to ensure that your manuscript reaches the right audience, helping you to achieve the recognition you deserve. One of the most effective ways to do this is by having the right media coverage. To this end, you need to create a high-quality press release—a process made easy by Enago’s Scientific News Report service.

Under this service, our experts convert your research output into a succinct, easy-to-understand Scientific News Report of approximately 800 words. On sharing this via relevant media portals and social media platforms, you can increase the reach of your paper and, in turn, increase your chances of being cited.

Sample 1 – 620 Words (Manuscript Word Count – 4,000 words)

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Simplified Abstract

Simplified Abstract is a short, jargon-free summary of your research manuscript that aims to capture the attention of a wide range of audiences.

Simplified Abstract

Summarizing your research using simple, jargon-free language can ensure that it is understood by professionals beyond your field of study, as well as the general public. We understand that simplifying a technical document is not always easy, which is where Enago’s Simplified Abstracts service steps in.


Under Simplified Abstracts, our content and language experts will draft a clear, concise summary (approximately. 200 words) that conveys the purpose and findings of your research. The summary will contain all the key elements of your work presented in simple, plain English. A Simplified Abstract can thus increase your chances of recognition and citations.

Sample 1 – 200 Words (Manuscript Word Count – 5,000 words)

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Tweetable Abstract

Tweetable Abstract is a simple, short summary of your research to grab the attention of Twitter’s highly-engaged audience.

Tweetable Abstract

In today’s digital world, social media platforms are among the best and most direct way to share information with the general public. Even in academic communities, social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, are recognized as credible channels to disseminate knowledge and to promote the latest research. In fact, many papers that are tweeted are often highly cited. The best way to get noticed on such platforms is by writing concise and engaging post

 Enago’s Tweetable Abstract service provides you with an impactful snippet to promote your research to Twitter’s 317 million+ active global users; these snippets will be designed to encourage clicks, comments, and re-tweets. 

Who should opt for Tweetable Abstracts ?

  • Researchers looking to promote their published work to a wider, digital-savvy audience, including fellow researchers, scientific press, national and international press as well as the general public.
  • First-time authors who want to gain recognition and tap into Twitter’s engaged online community.
  • Publishers who want to track how their content is being used and shared online (e.g., via metric services, such as Altmetrics)

How does it work?

Upload your manuscript to our online portal.

Our in-house team will then thoroughly review the content of your document and highlight any key or novel findings.

A content expert writes the tweet and carefully selects relevant and trending #hashtags.

A native language expert reviews the tweet and #hashtags before sharing the content with you.

What do you receive?

Two tweetable abstracts per manuscript, each including at least two relevant #hashtags (up to approximately 280 characters per tweet)

Turnaround Time Price
7 business days $400